Equalize Now!
Equalize Now!

The Plan toward Equalization

We are under no illusion that Equalization will be easy to accomplish in America. This plan has been underway for decades. Here we disclose the steps that have been taken and that will be undertaken in the near future.

The 50 steps

1. Find an electable, charismatic young man or woman (preferably a man to minimize voter resistance).

2. Expose him to wealth inequality, racism, sexism, and other injustices.

3. Teach him there's a better way to organize society based on social and economic justice.

4. Send him to Harvard Law School.

5. Have him work in an inner city somewhere.

6. Write an autobiography for him.

7. Write a "thoughtful" political treatise that shows a reasonable, balanced world view.

8. Get him elected at a local level.

9. Develop mentors and connections.

10. Get him elected to the U.S. Senate.

11. During his second term in the Senate, have him run for President.

12. During the campaign, argue for fairness.

13. Once elected, arrange a benign takeover of an industrial company. Transfer ownership from the shareholders and bondholders (the rich) to the workers.

14. Promote and, if possible, enact a universal health care program. It should have the following features: coverage for every American; co-operation from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies; a mandate; enforcement by the IRS; delegation of rule-making authority to administrative agencies; tremendous complexity.

15. Begin campaign to tax the rich and cut taxes for the poor and middle class.

16. Expand government assistance programs, with the goal of having the majority of Americans dependent on government benefits.

17. Run fiscal deficits as high as possible under the guise of "stimulus" to the economy.

18. Promote a loose monetary policy to get interest rates as low as possible. This will make the fiscal deficits palatable (because interest payments on the debt will remain low) while also depriving the rich of interest income, thereby transferring wealth to borrowers.

19. Force the rich to invest everything in the stock market by making other investments unattractive.

20. Seize effective control of the banks through complex, detailed and comprehensive regulation. Assume federal control over student loans and politicize repayments so students learn to depend on the federal government.

21. Suspend enforcement of a federal statute by relying on the principle of prosecutorial discretion.

22. Promote federal programs to every conceivable demographic to increase dependency.

23. Promote class envy by highlighting the wealth gap, lifestyles of the rich and famous, etc.

24. Accuse capitalism of sending jobs overseas, reducing wages, wiping out savings, etc.

25. In the event of an environmental catastrophe, force the offending company to pay huge damages without going through the legal system.

26. Seize another industrial company and give it to the employees, citing the earlier case as precedent.

27. Undermine confidence in the Supreme Court by criticizing its rulings.

28. Intervene in the other party's Presidential primaries. Identify a wealthy candidate and make sure he/she wins by funneling campaign donations to him/her.

29. Campaign against your opponent's source of wealth, whatever it is.

30. Demand your opponent release every tax return. Criticize the information if he/she does release it. If he/she does not, raise suspecion of law breaking, tax evasion, foreign accounts, etc.

31. Based on the foregoing, demand all candidates for federal office release their tax returns. 

32. Claim the country's economic future depends on tax compliance, so every tax return above a certain level must be made a public document, like in Norway.

33. Attack capitalism by pointing out the difference in outcomes. Contrast the poor and unemployed with rich CEOs and Wall St. bankers.

34. Reiterate the need to increase taxes on the rich at every opportunity, insiting this is the only fair and balanced approach. Claim that not raising taxes on the rich means people will go hungry.

35. Frame your re-election in terms of fairness vs the abuses of capitalism.

36. Suspend enforcement of a more significant federal statute, such as one involving immigration, citing the earlier case as precedent.

37. Use banking regulations to consolidate more banks; i.e., have fewer and larger banks.

38. Arrange for discussion of an Equalization Amendment through bloggers.

39. Encourage the media to focus on equality, poverty, wealth and fairness.

40. Encourage popular movements against the rich.

41. Have a few media people mention the Equalization Amendment.

42. Win re-election.

43. Formally propose the Equalization Amendment as a necessary and just tax reform measure.

44. Barnstorm the country advocating equality and tax reform as a new start.

45. Pass the Equalization Amendment in Congress and submit it to the States. 

46. Demand state legislatures pass the Equalization Amendment.

47. Implement the Amendment.

48. Find a successor who fully supports the Amendment.

49. Ensure the successor gets elected and carries on the movement.

50. World peace and prosperity.

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