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Secret Agent David Brooks

Agent David Brooks

Secret Agent David Brooks is our deepest mole (not counting Erick Erickson of Red State, and the GOP candidates other than Romney and Trump, but keep that between us). He's the token "conservative" for the New York Times. We and our leadership team know this is a ruse, so stop calling and writing us about it. 

We love Brooks because he outright defends our movement but under the guise of sarcasm, people don't realize he's serious. Most of his pieces are rehashing other people's work, but sometimes he writes original material when we insist. We monitor his published columns because they're not always identical to the ones we feed him, but sometimes he comes up with lines we disseminate throught the NFM. We know the NY Times is under pressure to replace him with an actual conservative, but we're arranging to get Agent Erickson as the next-in-line, so don't worry.

Propaganda from Agent Brooks - February 27, 2012 - The Possum Republicans

Body of the article, with our comments in gold

Propaganda from Agent Brooks - February 9, 2012 - The Crowd Pleaser

Body of the article, with our comments in gold:


We celebrated when we arranged to have the NYTimes hire Agent Brooks

The Catering Service

Thanks to the excellent catering service there was something for everyone: a buffet with mini quiches and pizzas, potato salad, sandwiches, cocktail weenies, pretzels and vegetarian tartlets, as well as cupcakes, chips and lots of other delicacies.